Wish List

Thanks for considering giving me something, I will certainly appreciate your generosity. :)

This list is a work in progress and will often change. Check again before you buy me anything, because I will remove items from the list once I get them.

Table of Contents


I like reading, therefore I like books. I like classic English, Portuguese or French (one day I will be able to read it) novels and poetry. Please don't give me textbooks, unless they are related to writing, directing, filming or acting in a movie/TV. I am not a big fan of fantasy, but try me. I also like to read movie scripts, but not movie transcripts (there is a big difference). I also like Christian books (the good ones). Do not give me self-help books, I hate them (and so should everybody else).

A more specific list of books I would like is:

The Little Prince

I collect The Little Prince books/stuff in various languages, and would appreciate a copy in a language I don't have yet (or a different format of the book, if I already have the "normal" (paperback) one in that language). The ones I have are: French, English, Portuguese (paperback, pop-up book, and mini book), Korean (South), Vietnamese, German, Spanish (paperback, and mini book), and Italian.

I would also enjoy anything else decorated with themes from the book, like tea cups (PLEASE GIVE ME THE LITTLE PRINCE TEA CUPS/MUGS AND I WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND), t-shirts, and so on...


I like cooking and use kitchen utensils a lot. Anything in that area will be useful, but you find the best utensils at catering shops that sell stuff for restaurants; they are usually cheaper and have a much better quality than the ones you buy at mass-market stores.

Things that will always be useful:



Filming Equipment

Movie Posters

I love movies, and would love a good movie poster. Here is a good website to buy posters from.

The best posters will be original and double-sided. Reprints are also good, as long as they are in the same size of the original poster.

I like posters of my favourite films (you can check the list here: Films). Tarantino films are a plus.

Here is a list of posters I already have, so you don't buy me a duplicate: How To Train Your Dragon, Amelie, Et Pour Quelques Dollars de Plus, and Django Unchained.


Nerd Stuff

Writing Instruments

Clothing and Shoes

I tend to be picky and specific regarding clothes, so unless you know what I like please don't buy me clothes.

Exceptions are:

Medical (aka TMI) stuff

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