Home Theatre Opening Schedule

To RSVP, go to this website and select the screenings you will attend: http://doodle.com/u5kr4gzs4h938brg

There is also a Google Calendar available with all the dates. Also in XML and iCal.

The times may vary slightly.

Tuesday, 7/8: Australian and UK Cinema Night

Wednesday, 8/8: Brazilian Cinema Night

Thursday, 9/8: Alfred Hitchcock Night

Sunday, 12/8: Opening Night (Part 1)

Monday, 13/8: Shelly's Picks Night

Wednesday, 15/8: Opening Night (Part 2)

Friday, 17/8: Quentin Tarantino Night

Monday, 20/8: Film Noir Night (was 16/8, moved because of Foundation Launch)

Wednesday, 29/8: French Cinema Night

Thursday, 30/8: Classic Hollywood Night

Friday, 31/8: Japanese Cinema Night

OR (depending on public)

Monday, 3/9: Spaghetti Western Night

Thursday, 6/9: Martin Scorsese Night

Monday, 10/9: Closing Night

Wednesday, 12/9: Kill Bill Night

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